To bring together an exclusive group of elite real estate investors who share common core values and a path to build, sustain, and protect their businesses and wealth generated from real estate.

A group organized not for the personal financial gain of one individual but one that creates synergy and opportunity for every member.

The Power of “Roundtable” is that it’s NOT about the person in the front of the room – it’s about creating value for all participants.

2.Candid Sharing / Receiving
3.Creating Value

4. We do not subscribe to the

"Greater Fool Theory."
5. Introspection

Core Values

To identify the right group of high integrity real estate entrepreneurs who focus on best practices, leading strategies, and the power of sharing to create significant value for every member of the group.

To identify the right content, speakers, and panel topics to drive high level conversation that will impact the member’s lives and businesses.