Topics Covered Include:

The Real Investor Roundtable (RIR) is where the nation’s elite real estate investors share and learn about how to build, sustain, and protect  wealth.

If you fix and flip more than 25 deals a year and/or own 100 rental properties or more, then this elite group may be for you. Although we’ve picked up many actionable tips and tactics at these conferences over the years, we often find the content lacks the depth that our business requires. We come away from many meetings better from the sharing and networking, but also asking, “If only the content was more enriching”…We believe we have solved that very problem by launching RIR as the place serious and highly experienced single family real estate investors meet to network, learn, and share. The focus is on actionable content around building, sustaining, and protecting the wealth that you have fought to generate through your real estate businesses. Each meeting will cover crucial topics such as raising & optimizing capital, managing construction, implementing operational best practices, establishing the right corporate structure, employing tax strategies, and much, much more!!!

Membership is highly limited and by invitation ONLY. This RIR mastermind group is NOT about making more for me or my partner. As a matter of fact, RIRis a non-profit so we can keep membership dues low, content high, and impact OFF THE CHARTS.